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Black’s Law 4th Edition – “condition precedent”:

” . . . it is a condition referring to a future event, upon the happening of which the obligation becomes no longer binding upon the other party, if he chooses to avail himself of the condition.”

For a more though understanding of the importance of a Notice of Condition Precedent, go here: Notice of Condition Precedent. To see what the finished and processed notice will look like, please view the sample notice for John Doe.

Instructions to get your notice posted and processed are here.


The provisions, rules and orders used to validate the Notice of Condition Precedent can be located by clicking on these links:

•Title 28 Section 3002


(15) “United States” means
(A) a federal corporation

Title 28 Section 1746

Unsworn declarations under penalty of perjury – without and within the United States

• Presidential Executive Order 13132

Section 2 Fundamental Federalism Principles (d)

• UCC Article 1 – General Provisions

Section 1-103. Construction of Uniform Commercial Code to Promote its Purposes and Policies

• UCC Article 1 – General Provisions

Section 1-202. Notice; Knowledge

• UCC Article 1 – General Provisions

Section 1-206. Presumptions

• UCC Article 1 – General Provisions

Section 1-201. General Definitions (27) “Person”

• UCC Article 1 – General Provisions

Section 1-308. Performance or Acceptance Under Reservation of Rights

• UCC Article 1 – General Provisions

Section 1-305. Remedies to be Liberally Administered


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