Notice by John Doe

In compliance with Executive Order 13132 (“Federalism”) signed by President Bill Clinton on August 10, 1999 Section 2:

“(d) The people of the States are free, subject only to restrictions in the Constitution itself or in constitutionally authorized Acts of Congress, to define the moral, political, and legal character of their lives.”

I here by define my political and legal characters as follows:

Be it known by all, that I John Doe, as a living flesh and blood man, that on this [posted date] do hereby give notice to all in the world that I am not a citizen of the United States. Any who wish to challenge this admission must do so by responding to this notice within 30 business days of the last post date.

Notice is also given to any one in the world who may have a contract (or unsigned presumed contract) under the above name that this notice serves as an addendum to all contracts or presumptions ab initio, in which the signatory name may (or may not) appear. Notice that the following be included as part and above the signatory name: “without prejudice.”

Let it be known to all that this notice also serves to rebut any presumption that the State has parental authority (parens patriae) over my son and daughter: Jimmy John Doe (DOB 5/7/08) and Sally Ann Doe (DOB 2/17/04).

All responses to be addressed as follows, three line addresses will be returned to senders:





John Doe
307 Johns Road
Akron, Ohio [12345]
united States of America







4 thoughts on “Notice by John Doe

  1. Are we disclosing our names in the paper for these notices? Can this be directed to any agency or third party?

    1. If you post your notice on this web site you can also pay to run your legal notice in the appropriate paper, if you wish. That would be your choice.

      A copy of this notice – when cured – can be sent to any agency or third party as needed.

  2. Hi! Should we list our current address or can it be an address to a P.O Box with a proxy address instead? Must it be our full names and that of our child? Can we list more than one child in the same but separate sentence? Should the “united” be spelled without the uppercase U?

    Sorry, just want to make sure I do this correctly.

    1. Living men and women do not live in post office boxes. Use the name on your ID or bank account. List all of your children under the age of 18. When you submit your request, it will be formatted like the example for John Doe.

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